Due to the off-road nature of the course, we highly recommend that you use a mountain bike. In addition, to provide a level playing field for all participants, only those using a mountain bike may win prizes. Anyone using a hybrid or cyclocross bike will not be allowed to podium if they finish in the top 3. The course is unsuitable for road bikes or slick tyres.

If you do not have a mountain bike and would like to use either a hybrid or cyclocross bike then, before you enter, we highly recommend looking at the video footage of last years' bike course to see for yourself the conditions of the route - specifically the off-road sections here and here.

After looking at the footage (or trying the bike route yourself) you would still like to enter then please remember that you do so at your own risk and that you will not be able to podium if you finish in the top 3.

You can rent mountain bikes from In Your Element, just across at Lomond Shores. Visit their website for more information.

The course is a mixture of tarmac park roads, grass and stoney off-road paths. There is a HD GoPro video of last years' bike loop that you can watch on YouTube.

Triathlon Scotland has a fantastic Your First Triathlon section on their website. It covers all you need to know about taking part in your first event. It also has a Triathlon checklist document that you can download, a great My First Tri FAQ section, and of course the Triathlon rulebook, which is always important to stop you from getting those pesky time penalties

Race numbers have been allocated alphabetically by surname for each event. When you register on Saturday morning, you will go to your event's registration desk and give your name. One of our friendly marshals will check your membership card & DOB. If you are no longer a member of one of the Home Nations Federations we will need to collect £6 to cover a Day Race Licence. You will then be given your race pack envelope with your bib, bike stickers (for the triathlons), swim hat and timing chip. Another lovely marshal will draw a number on your arm and leg and then you will be free to enter transition to sort your kit out and rack your bike.

As part of your entry process, you e-signed a disclaimer. The same as was previously required to be brought with you on race day but this year we thought we'd save some trees!
You can re-read it below:

I declare that:

  • I agree to abide by the conditions of entry listed in the race information.
  • I accept that this event is conducted under BTF rules and conditions and I agree to acquaint myself with and abide by those rules and any organisers' instructions.
  • I am medically fit to compete in endurance sports.
  • I participate in these events entirely at my own risk; The risks of participation include, but are not restricted to: weather conditions, road traffic, behaviour of other participants, volunteer helpers, officials and spectators in and out of the event, dehydration, hypothermia and behaviour of animals.
  • I agree that no liability whatsoever will be placed upon BTF or event organiser for any injuries sustained, or for any loss or damage to personal property or equipment during the event.
  • I accept that the details on this entry form will be held in a computer database.
  • If I am entering on behalf of a team, I have shown the conditions of entry and this disclaimer to the team members, and they have declared to me that they accept them.
  • I will not enter the water until the Swim Director or a member of the Event Team has signalled it is safe to do so.
  • I agree to wear a wetsuit and my allocated coloured cap.
  • I am a competent swimmer and confident that I will be able to complete the required distance of my event.
  • I shall not enter the water if I feel unwell.
  • I will take direction from the Water Safety Team in any emergency situation that may arise.
  • In the event I get into difficulty during the swim session I shall roll onto my back and signal for help as instructed to do so in the race briefing.
  • While Lomond Swimming and Triathlon Club will keep the Transition and Baggage Drop Area manned at all times, I will take responsibility for the belonging left there.
  • I agree to abide by the instructions of the Events Team on the Run and Cycle Courses, and respect other park users.

We use standard latex swim hats. If you have a latex allergy please let one of the events team know as soon as possible. You can contact us by Facebook Messenger on our club page, or email us: lomondclub@gmail.com

The dolphin is part of the logo for Brewin Dolpin Glasgow. We received a donation towards the costs of running the event and would like to thank them with some publicity.

Drop the events team an email on lomondclub@gmail.com and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.